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Near your holiday destination, make a detour to Etretat over Le Havre, to observe the magnificent limestone cliffs by walking along the green paths, or from a boat during a stroll at sea, or still from the pebble beach at the feet of them by exploring the caves and some hidden places …

Stroll through the village streets to the covered market, restore yourself with seafood in the surrounding establishments, visit the surprising garden of Etretat in height facing the cliffs, make a journey in the Clos de Lupine, character of Maurice Leblanc burglar and gentlemen and solve puzzles with family or friends. Then, for athletes: walk the golf course over the sea.

icône maison bleue  Étretat, 76790 France

Les Chambres d'Annie

10 rue Mouillère, Le Grand Bec, 14113 Villerville

02 31 87 10 10

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